Monday, 17 September 2012

The journey starts.

How is the journey going to start? This is a question that have made me think, because there could be so many varieties of how the story can start. Usually in fantasy novels the main character is usually a country boy/girl or a city boy/girl, and this is something that I have been thinking about how to address. I wanted to create something unique. I wanted him to be a city boy, but not an ordinary city boy, I wanted him to have grown up there, but for some reason he had to leave and live in the country, and then rediscover the city. But how could I do this in a natural way?

The idea I will be using is that the first transaction from city to country life happened before the setting off the book, but that we will discover in the story through the character how this transpired. That when he was young he left the city (for some reason) and that he then lived for some years at a farm, until he decide that he once again want to get back to the city.
My question is then; Why does he want to get back to the country and the city hes originally from?

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