Friday, 14 September 2012

The beginning of the project

To form a project I figured that I would have a lot of things to figure out. Like what kind of world, what kind of people where there, and perhaps most important of all, what should thrive the story ahead? I can't give out to much information about the clue of the story here, but some information might find its way.

To start with I am listing up all the possible direction the story can take, like creating several possible events, scenarios, goals, characters and much more.
This leads me to a lot of questions like the question in the last post. As an answer to the last post question I figured that the lead character should be able to use magic and should know it from the first time he manage to use it, and that it should be the first magic that have been seen in the world of which the story takes place. There will also be a lot of other questions that will have an impact on the story, and that’s why I also ask some of the questions here, to see what great ideas other might have, even if I don’t get any responses at all i will still have my own ideas that I might go with. Which leads me to the next question, should there be several races in this world and what might these be?

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